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Project Catalyst funds are available to developers, innovators and change-makers helping to redefine the future of finance, digital work and the internet.

Turn ideas into feasible and impact-ful real world projects.

Projects must have a measurable impact against the community challenges and must be auditable and feasible where possible.

Return On Intent.

Catalyst seeks Return On Intent, opening the doors to an entirely new form of access to venture capital, with different rules.

Everyone is eligible.

Eligibility is open to everyone. We seek a diverse range of ideas, problems and solutions in the spirit of financial equity.

What is Catalyst?

Project Catalyst is series of funding rounds run by the Cardano Blockchain Treasury. The Cardano network is encouraging individuals to create world changing ideas using world changing technology.


The goal is to build blockchain based, distributed voting systems and accelerate community-driven innovation on the Cardano block-chain.

It serves many purposes:

  • Accelerates financial and economic inclusion.

  • Equitably generates investment for the Cardano ecosystem.

  • Extends Legitimacy of On-Chain Governance.

Step 1.


For the first time, you can apply funding for Return On Intent.

Self-sustaining projects that can change the world through financial equality, privacy, education and investment.

Step 2.


Weekly town-halls every Wednesday hosted by the enigmatic Dor Garbash keeps us informed of the funds latest developments.

There are always changes to the plan and things are watching out forin this dynamic changing proposal system.


Telegram Announcements


Step 3.


You can talk directly to members and see teams and developers working in real time to build their solutions. There are a number of channels to cater for everyone's specific privacy requirements.

Catalyst Network




Step 4.

Watch the Clock

Project Catalyst moves at a frenetic pace.

As a proposer, funding rounds are every 6 weeks and the window to submit a draft is only 2 weeks.

Each stage has a specific purpose.

Step 5.

Build Your Dreamteam

Join our network to find opportunities for volunteer and paid work. Do your own research, poll the community and build your project. Crowdsource project advice.

Step 6.

Support & Early Feedback

Write your proposal as an article and get constructive feedback and help early. Constructive feedback earns points in our community. Join Our Community!

Step 7.

Proposal Submission

Once your solution has been reviewed, you'll have a fantastic proposal, you can submit it to our Proposal Management System. Lets Go!

Step 8.

Register to Vote

You'll have to watch the dates to register and hold an amount of ADA to vote, but you're helping test and grow the system. Voting thresholds drop when the technology is ready and the team are confident of delivery. How do I Register?

Step 9.


Earn ADA for voting. Select from the projects you'd like to bring to life and your voting power will move the vote. Results are tally ed and provided at Town-hall. Funded teams are contacted directly.